A romantic story of sweet passion

Ancient residence of the Cannaregio district, which has forever been a beacon of Venetian hospitality.

1. The outset

Originally a warehouse for confectionery produced by the Dolcetti family of Venice, the current Hotel Giorgione was renovated during the early nineteenth century and became an Inn with welcoming accommodation.

2. From inn to hotel

At the end of the 19th century, with the purchase of the house next to the warehouse, the inn was extended and renamed "Hotel Giorgione", in honour of the painter of the same name whose talent enchanted the Venetian aristocracy.

3. The beauty of Venice

Thanks to the management of Giovanni Dolcetti, an art expert and scholar of paintings, the hotel soon became a favourite destination for writers, diplomats and foreign travellers who were offered the priceless sensation of being "at home".

4. The art of hospitality

In the following years the management of the hotel passed to Ilde Scarpa and her husband Gustavo Dolcetti who, succeeding his brother Giovanni, passed away at a very early age, leaving his wife the task of upholding the former inn’s reputation.

Ilde, a young intelligent and educated woman, devoted considerable attention to the Hotel Giorgione, maintaining its excellent service and embracing the philosophy that still reigns today in the Hotel: to consider the customer as a "house guest", a loyal friend who duly returns to recapture the charm of Venice.

5. Upholding the name of Giorgione

At the age of 95, Ilde left the hotel to her niece Cecilia Dolcetti. Thanks to her husband, entrepreneur Luciano Pasotto, the hotel was restored and transformed into the current splendid 4-star residence, with a renewed passion for providing hospitality.

6. The Pasotto family

The Pasotto family, who have owned the Hotel Giorgione for over 20 years, still retains the tradition and passion for welcoming and hosting guests that has always distinguished this historic residence from other hotels in Venice.

Transformed into a 4-star hotel by the Pasotto family, the Hotel Giorgione has benefitted from remarkable renovation work, which has made it possible to create a comfortable new loft level accessible by 2 lifts, featuring delightful rooms with a roof terrace.


Lovely and friendly hotel

We really enjoyed our stay here. The hotel is very close to the centre but out of the main tourist area. The rooms are comfortable if slightly small. Well equipped and the hotel has a good, elega


It was a special time.

The staff was amazing. They pointed us in the right direction every day! Couldn’t have asked for more!



Excellent location, walking distance to all siyes, very good family owned trattorias nearby